unban topic

In dit forum kun je een unban aanvragen. Lees de regels!
In this forum you can request an unban. Read the rules!
Offtopic in een unban topic kost je een 24 uur ban
Offtopic in unban topics will result in a 24 hour ban

Please fill in this form / Vul a.u.b. dit lijstje in:
Ingame nickname (nickname die je op dat moment gebruikte):
Banned by (gebanned door):
Banlength (lengte van de ban):
When were you banned (date + time) (datum en tijd van de ban):
Reason, according to you (waarom je denkt dat je gebanned bent):
Unban-motivation (waarom zou je een unban moeten krijgen?):
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unban topic

Bericht door hado » 27 jul 2014, 18:30

in game nick name:vipboSS
banned by : meanto-padde
ban length: first time they banned me 1 day sec time 3 days the thrd time 3 days 1+3+3=7 its mean one week
date & and time : i forget
reason: i say noob and to all all day all night and saying to people not good words and im sorry for that

unban-motivation: im sorry and when u unban me and when i join the game iwill not say any thing exept hi and thos good words and i promise u guys iwill not do it again .........

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Re: unban topic

Bericht door Menato » 27 jul 2014, 23:16

I will unban you, on 1 condition. The next time someone reports you, a 7 week ban will come from that. Do you understand?

Ekte Ekte G
Ekte Ekte G
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Re: unban topic

Bericht door Lukkie » 28 jul 2014, 00:15

So no raging, no racism, ONLY speak english (or use phonechat) and behave yourself.

My best advice I can give is to shut up. Just don't talk unless it's meaningfull ;)

(hopelijk kan hij genoeg engels om dat te verstaan)

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