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Gekke dippi
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Bericht door T@rget » 29 mei 2012, 23:49

Ah yes it's focussed on Multi Theft Auto (" onclick=";return false;).
It's a multiplayer mod for GTA San Andreas, it allows you to create your own maps, script events using LUA and what not
We're running a quite succesful server that's focused on custom race maps, this forum allows people to communicate outside the game, challenge each others to clan wars and I've installed a gallery so they can share their screenshots :)

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Re: Contact T@rget

Bericht door T@rgetIneedurhelp » 29 mei 2012, 23:51

Interesting ;)
Great board though

I wont bother you now

Bye bye T@rget and the others ;)

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Skirre nigger
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Re: Contact T@rget

Bericht door Kraay » 30 mei 2012, 07:11

Wat is onze T@rget toch een schatje hea <3
Digestible schreef:GRATIS BIER RAAKT NOOIT OP!

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